Specially adapted for integrated production, organic farming and residue free requirements: essential in 21st Century Agriculture. They are an optimal instrument for a truly sustainable agriculture and the production of healthy and residue-free fruits and vegetables.

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Matrinal Fort

Liquid fertilizer made with amino acids which increases the penetration of the applications, especially in crops with waxy leaves and which contains accumulated dirt (pest residues, etc.).

Composition: Free amino acids + Nitrogen (1,2%)

Dosis: Foliar. Vegetables 90-110 cc/hl. Fruit trees 170-280 cc/hl (winter: 450-570 ccc/hl); Cítrus 110 cc/hl (max 1-1,7 L/ha); Vineyard 110-170 cc/hl (max 1-1,7 L/ha)

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Matrinal Fruit

Foliar product with amino acids. Specially formulated to improve the applications in waxy leaves and to obtain a better penetration in the plant and thus increase its efficiency.

Composition: Mn + Zn

Dosis: Foliar. Vegetables 250-400 cc/hl. Fruit trees 200-400 cc/hl; Citrus 250-350 cc/hl; Vineyard 350-400 cc/hl (max. 2 L/ha)

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Foliar product to prevent zinc deficiencies in any type of crop. It is specially formulated to allow greater contact, penetration and mobility of zinc in the plant, achieving perfect assimilation and thus guaranteeing the expected effects.

Composition: Zn (2%)

Dosis: Foliar Application: 3-5 L/ha

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Formula based on highly soluble active copper that acts quickly on the plant helping it to prevent and/or reduce abiotic stress.

Composition: Cu (24,5%)

Dosis: Foliar Application.
50-100 g/hl (check label)

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Fluid mixture of micronutrients. Foliar spray and to root application. Systemic action. The product is specially formulated to allow greater penetration and mobility of manganese and zinc and prevent deficiencies of these elements more effectively. It can be mixed with other products.

Composition: Mn (1%) + Zn (1%)

Dosis: Foliar:250-300 cc/hl.
To root: 2.5-3 L/ha (in a high-risk situation: 5 L/ha)

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Abono líquido especialmente diseñado para conseguir una mayor adherencia y mojabilidad en la aplicación foliar en maíz. Aumenta la penetración de las aplicaciones en hojas de maíz cuando presenten suciedad acumulada de diversa índole (restos de plagas, residuos vegetales, restos de barro, etc.).

Liquid fertilizer specially designed to achieve greater adhesion and wettability in foliar application in corn. It increases the penetration of corn leaf applications when they present accumulated dirt of various kinds (remains of pests, plant residues, remains of mud, etc.).

Composition: B (2%)

Dosis: Foliar Application.
Corn 3-5 L/ha.

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Copper gluconate in aqueous solution. Cupric treatment easily absorbed and rapidly translocated to all organs of the plant (systemic). It corrects copper deficiency. The treated plants are equipped with a higher resistance to abiotic stress. For olive trees, vineyard, citrus, fruit trees and vegetables.

Composition: Cu (6%)

Dosis: Foliar: 200-400 cc/hl
To root: 2-4 L/ha

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Foliar product to prevent zinc deficiencies. Specially formulated to allow greater contact, penetration and mobility of zinc in the plant, achieving perfect assimilation and thus guaranteeing the expected effects. It can be applied to any type of crop and can be mixed with other products.

Composition: Zn (2%)

Dosis: Foliar Application. 300-500 cc/hl

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Alsupre S

Solid. Active systemic sulphur which penetrates inside plants. It improves the protein structure of plant strengthening leaves and roots and preserving them face of abiotic possible problems. For fruit trees, vegetables, strawberry, cereals, vineyard and citrus.

Composition: N (8,2%) + K2O (10,2%) + SO3 (66%)

Dosis: Foliar: 70-120 g/hl.
To root: 0:5-1.5 kg/ha

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It is specially formulated to allow greater penetration of Mn and Zn in the plant and prevent deficiencies of these elements more effectively. It protects against fungal pathogens and increases resistance to abiotic stress. For all crops. Every 12 - 15 days.

Composition: Mn (0.5%) + Zn (1.5%)

Dosis: Apply every 12-15 days.
Foliar: 200-300 cc/hl
To root: (2-3 L/ha)

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Garex B

It contains antioxidants and organic acids of biological origin. It is a natural, biodegradable product, with a wide long-lasting effect. Extract of natural origin, without residual odour or flavor. For vegetables and fruit trees.

Composition: B (2%)

Dosis: Foliar. Vegetables 100 cc/hl (1 L/ha), Fruit trees 150-200 cc/hl (1.5-2 L/ha)

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Altosan B/Zn

To prevent deficiencies in B and Zn. It also contains chitosan (polysaccharide of natural origin), which has a biostimulant effect. Plants treated with it are more resistant to stress. The product is specially formulated to allow a greater penetration and mobility of B and Zn in the plant and to prevent deficiencies of this elements more effectively.

Composition: B (0.2%) + Zn (1.8%)

Dosis: Foliar: 200-300 cc/hl
To root: 3-5 L/ha

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It increases the penetration of applications in crops, especially in the case of waxy leaves and crops that show accumulated dirt of various kinds (remains of pests, plant residues, mud, etc.).
For horticulture, especially tomato.

Composition: B (2%)

Dosis: Foliar. 100-130 cc/hl (1-1.3 L/ha)

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Altosan Cu

Chitosan oligomers and complexed copper act synergistically to protect plants from the most common fungal diseases. The joint application combats more efficiently the abiotic stress.

Composition: Cu (2%)

Dosis: Foliar: 250-500 cc/hl
To root: 2.5-5 L/ha

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Matrinal B

Contains a special compound of boron and surfactants that allow a better penetration and mobility of the boron inside the plant and prevents deficiencies of this element in a more effective way. 

Composition: B (2%)


Foliar Spray. Vegetables 130-200 cc/hl; Fruit trees 100-200 cc/hl.

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Silicon (20%) provides rigidity to plant tissues making them harder and more resistant to fungus and pest attack. Foliar application provides a barrier of silicon crystals that impedes movement across plant tissues surface. It also exerts a biostimulant effect on crops For all crops. Preventive application.

Composition: K2O (9%) + Cl- (0%)

Dosis: Foliar. 300-500 cc/hl (3-5 L/ha)

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K-Oleat Eco

Made from potassium salts and fatty acids from vegetal origin. Removes insects, honeydew and sooty mold. Quick-acting product with a low mammalian toxicity. For all crops.


Potassium oleate (40%)

Dosis: Foliar: 2.5-4 L/hl

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Biodegradable product that contains manganese and zinc chelates and surfactants that allow a better penetration and mobility of these elements inside the plant and prevent their deficiencies in a more effective way. Plants treated are equipped with a higher resistance to abiotic stress. 

Composition: Mn EDTA (0,5%) + Zn EDTA (1,5%)


Foliar Spray. Vegetables 250-400 cc/hl; Fruit trees 200-400 cc/hl

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Specially formulated for its application in vegetables. It is a product designed to prevent zinc deficiencies and to allow greater mobility of zinc within the plant, achieving perfect assimilation and thus guarantee the expected effects. It can be mixed with other products.

Composition: Zn (2%)

Dosis: Root Application: 5L/ha

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