• Rootip

    To achieve an optimal root system

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Specific Products

  • Specific Products

    To solve critical situations.

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Bio Stimulants

  • Bio Stimulants

    To stimulate your crops and achieve incredible results.

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Deficiency Correctors

  • Deficiency Correctors

    To meet specific needs efficiently.

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Special Products

  • Special Products

    To make a difference.

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Foliar and Root Fertilisers

  • Foliar and Root Fertilisers

    To achieve high quality harvests.

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Organic Products

  • Organic Products

    A range of solutions suitable for Organic Farming.

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We are the alternative

  • Products that make the difference

    At Altinco we focus our efforts on promoting a sustainable agriculture that reports high quality fruits without damaging the environment.

  • Going a step further

    We design solutions adapted to your problems. Our technical team will advise you at all times to get the best results.

  • Sustainability deals with ecology

    We offer a wide range of products certified for Organic Farming.

  • From Altinco to your door

    We take care of managing the logistics so that the service is efficient and you receive the products when you need them.

the most requested

  • Copfort

    Copper gluconate in aqueous solution. Cupric treatment easily absorbed and rapidly translocated to all organs of the plant (systemic). It corrects copper deficiency. The treated plants are equipped with a higher resistance to abiotic stress. For olive trees, vineyard, citrus, fruit trees and vegetables.

  • Amicel R

    Balanced trees. Rapid action root treatment for floral induction that ensures a more abundant and quality flowering the following spring. The copper complex redistributes the photoassimilates arriving in greater quantity to the lateral buds in formation producing a greater quantity of said buds. The fruits grow more homogeneous because there is less competition between vegetative growth and fruit growth. For fruit and horticultural.

  • It causes an increase in plant metabolic activity and in nutrient uptake through an increase of chloroplast and chromoplast activity. Its application manages to increase yield and quality through a better use of nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. For vefetables, strawberry, ornamental, rape, fruit trees and citrus.

  • Copfall

    Indicated to induce an accelerated leaf fall. Also favours a quick healing of petiole wound, limiting the bacterial population under the level of harmful effects. For fruit trees and ornamental.

  • Alsupre S

    Solid. Active systemic sulphur which penetrates inside plants. It improves the protein structure of plant strengthening leaves and roots and preserving them face of abiotic possible problems. For fruit trees, vegetables, strawberry, cereals, vineyard and citrus.


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