• Rootip

    To achieve an optimal root system

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Specific Products

  • Specific Products

    To solve critical situations.

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Bio Stimulants

  • Bio Stimulants

    To stimulate your crops and achieve incredible results.

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Deficiency Correctors

  • Deficiency Correctors

    To meet specific needs efficiently.

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Special Products

  • Special Products

    To make a difference.

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Foliar and Root Fertilisers

  • Foliar and Root Fertilisers

    To achieve high quality harvests.

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Organic Products

  • Organic Products

    A range of solutions suitable for Organic Farming.

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We are the alternative

  • Products that make the difference

    At Altinco we focus our efforts on promoting a sustainable agriculture that reports high quality fruits without damaging the environment.

  • Going a step further

    We design solutions adapted to your problems. Our technical team will advise you at all times to get the best results.

  • Sustainability deals with ecology

    We offer a wide range of products certified for Organic Farming.

  • From Altinco to your door

    We take care of managing the logistics so that the service is efficient and you receive the products when you need them.

the most requested

  • Matrinal Fort

    Liquid fertilizer made with amino acids which increases the penetration of the applications, especially in crops with waxy leaves and which contains accumulated dirt (pest residues, etc.).

  • NK fertilizer solution specially designed to provide foliar nitrogen and potassium in crops that present difficult wettability. In the foliar application together with other products, it increases the adhesion and penetration of the treatments, ensuring the desired effect and a high efficiency. Its rapid penetration helps reduce the risk of rain washing.

  • RootipStart

    Multiplies the activity in the rhizosphere. Promotes development of microorganisms and the growth of root hairs, improving root mass and water intake and nutrients.

  • Matrinal Fruit

    Foliar product with amino acids. Specially formulated to improve the applications in waxy leaves and to obtain a better penetration in the plant and thus increase its efficiency.

  • Forseti

    Foliar product to prevent zinc deficiencies in any type of crop. It is specially formulated to allow greater contact, penetration and mobility of zinc in the plant, achieving perfect assimilation and thus guaranteeing the expected effects.

  • RootipSoil

    Optimizes the structure of the soil. It provides the soil with the proper structure for the development of the root system and unlocks the micronutrients to make them assimilable. 

  • Cephyro

    Formula based on highly soluble active copper that acts quickly on the plant helping it to prevent and/or reduce abiotic stress.

  • Fluid mixture of micronutrients. Foliar spray and to root application. Systemic action. The product is specially formulated to allow greater penetration and mobility of manganese and zinc and prevent deficiencies of these elements more effectively. It can be mixed with other products.

  • Capricorn

    Abono líquido especialmente diseñado para conseguir una mayor adherencia y mojabilidad en la aplicación foliar en maíz. Aumenta la penetración de las aplicaciones en hojas de maíz cuando presenten suciedad acumulada de diversa índole (restos de plagas, residuos vegetales, restos de barro, etc.).

    Liquid fertilizer specially designed to achieve greater adhesion and wettability in foliar application in corn. It increases the penetration of corn leaf applications when they present accumulated dirt of various kinds (remains of pests, plant residues, remains of mud, etc.).

  • Altensiv pH

    PK fertilizer solution specially formulated to contribute phosphorus and potassium by leaf in crops that present a difficult wettability. Contains adjuvants that help improve applications in waxy leaves.
    Increases the adhesion and penetration of the treatments, ensuring the desired effect and high efficiency. High biodegradability.


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